It Works! Body Wraps


One man on a mission to create a product line for the millions of fitness conscious individuals emerged with an incredible line of natural products shown to produce results in 45 minutes or less.
Natural and Easy to Use
A natural topical treatment for targeting specific areas of the body results in a tighter, toner appearance for individuals who choose It Works! Body Wraps. It Works! also has a line of natural supplements to support a healthy, beautiful body. Combine the uses of It Works! products with a reasonable diet and exercise routine and the results will amaze even the most skeptical individual.
Personalized and Affordable
The It Works! program to firm and tone provides an optional customer questionnaire to identify a person's most critical body concerns. After answering the questions and ranking concerns, products are chosen for specific needs. When other products and programs have failed, this personalized element of the program will make the difference.
Contour the body naturally and within a reasonable budget with It Works! Body Wraps. The results are magic, without plastic surgery and in less than one hour. It Works!
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