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lean out

Stimulant-Free Metabolism Support

Take a look at the label on most of today’s weight loss products and you will see little or no mention of “fat transport”, despite the fact that this process is essential to getting lean.
To get leaner, you need to lose weight, but not just any kind of weight. You need to reduce your fat weight — what scientists term “fat mass”– while holding onto your muscle mass. Most of your fat mass is stored in adipose tissue. To reduce it, the fat needs to be (1) extracted from adipose tissue and (2) transported to tissues like muscle and the liver where it can be (3) burned for energy. Beverly’s R&D scientists have assembled a meticulously balanced cast of ingredients in Lean Out that supports all three of these essential processes and more.

What: Lean Out; belongs to a new category of supplements known as “fat transporters”, so-named because it contains ingredients that support the extraction of fat from adipose tissue (the tissue where almost all fat is stored in the body) and its transport to tissues like the liver and muscle where it can be burned for energy.
It provides a mega dose of natural occurring lipotropics (fat mobilizers), fat catalysts and related insulin stabilizing cofactors that are instrumental in the metabolism of fats. In a nutshell, the nutrients in Lean Out help your body retrieve fat out of storage and utilize it as energy.
Who: People who want to reduce body fat, improve their body mass index (BMI), increase their energy level, and who want to hold on to their lean body mass while they lose fat.
Why: The Lean Out formula is specifically designed to assist your body in (1) extracting fat out of adipose tissue and (2) transporting it to various metabolic “hot spots”, highly active tissues like your liver and muscles that can (3) burn it up. Beverly’s research and development scientists recruited together 9 ingredients for the purpose of achieving these three goals including:

  • * L-Carnitine
  • * Chromium Picolinate
  • * Choline Bitartrate
  • * Inositol
  • * DL-Methionine
  • * Vitamin B12
  • * Biotin
  • * Betaine HCl
  • * Co-enzyme Q10

Leading the charge is L-carnitine, which has been found to reduce fat mass, increase muscle mass, and reduce fatigue even in 100-year-old subjects. The older you get, the harder it is to build muscle. That supplementation with L-carnitine was able to help these very elderly subjects lose fat and gain muscle -a great feat at any age- is impressive indeed. L-carnitine’s best known role involves transporting fat deep inside the “power companies” of your cells, the mitochondria. It executes one of the final splashes of biochemistry before the fat is actually burned, releasing usable energy and heat (thermogenesis) in the process.
Each ingredient in Lean Out covers a different specialty, some in close proximity and others far apart. They have been combined in quantities and proportions intended to create a critical mass required for the fastest possible extraction, transport and burning of fat.
Lean Out ensures that while on a diet you’ll activate stored bodyfat for extra energy and caloric needs instead of muscle. Even if not restricting calories, Lean Out still offers great benefit by stabilizing your insulin levels to prevent excessive fat gain and allow for fat loss.
How: Lean Out can be taken with or without food but most find they are more consistent when they take it with meals. Take 1 capsule with each meal/shake for the first two weeks, then increase to 2 capsules at each meal/shake.

Lean out works well in conjunction with last mont’s supplement of the month which was the 7-keto.
Our Price: $31.50
List Price: $35.00
Peanut Butter
Chocolate Fruit Dip


1/4 cup plain or vanilla yogurt

(I recommend Stoney field Organic)

1 Tablespoon Chocolate Protein Powder ( I used Beverly International’s Chocolate UMP)

1 Tablespoon peanut butter

( I used Trader Joe’s Better n’ Peanut Butter)


optional* 1-2 teaspoons stevia if using plain yogurt



Put all ingredients in a bowl and mix until blended together.


Nutrition Stats:   125 cal. , 2.5g fat , 3g fiber, 9g sugar, 5g protein



Greetings!This month we have our First ever Member of the Month!  Read about Kevin and his journey with us this far and how he has reached his goals and is setting new ones with us at Bodyfit.  Also new to the studio is the Men’s Division which is growing rapidly.  Ladies move over, your husbands want to be part of the amazing results you are getting here too!!Lastly we also wanted to add a healthy recipe for the month as well.  And because it’s the month of LOVE we wanted to make it a healthy but sinful tasting recipe.  We hope you love it!We want to thank you for reading the E-newsletter. At Bodyfit education and helpfulness are our core values. We consider our clients to be the best and smartest in the industry, and we sincerely hope that the info we provide feeds your mind, body, and passion. 

In Health & Happiness,

Dean & Angela Mitchell

Dean’s Desk 

Hi everyone thanks for taking the time to check out our brand new Bodyfit News letter!!  I have to start off by taking my hat off to our first ever featured Bodyfit member of the month Kevin Vissotski,  he has made some drastic physical changes in an extremely short amount of time!!  When he came to us he was one of the first Male members to join Bodyfit with the typical ex athlete turned husband and father story.  He started basic with just our TRX program but quickly decided he wanted to reach his fitness goals as quick as possible by using all the services we provide at Bodyfit and his regimen now includes both our TRX and Fitbarre program as well as nutrition programming, metabolic testing and our all new Men’s Division and his results really do speak for themselves!!  Since he decided to apply all the pieces of the puzzle back in September he started at 205lbs with a body composition of 18.5% which equates to 168.1lbs of muscle and 36.9lbs of fat, Kevin now weighs 191lbs with a body composition of 11.5% which equates to him having gained muscle 170lbs while reducing his body fat by 15.9lbs down to 21lbs even.  From the entire team at Bodyfit we are all so proud to call Kevin a member and friend.  If you see Kevin around the studio be sure to congratulate him, he’s worked very hard for it and if any of you would like more information about the steps Kevin took to get where he’s at today please don’t hesitate to ask anyone on our team.
Ladies if you didn’t already hear we are going to be offering a FREE Demo day this Saturday February 9th at 12:45 in studio #2 for our ALL NEW Bodyfit Men’s Division.  As you read in the previous paragraph we are seeing some amazing results in a short amount of time from our participants so please if you have that husband or boyfriend at home don’t let them miss the opportunity to come check out the new program for free before they commit.  Team sizes are limited to 10 participants and some team slots are already filled.  We will have more information around the studio as well as in our emails but if you have immediate questions please contact Bodyfit at (248) 305-8414.
On a side note everyone be sure to check out our new UMP flavor from Beverly International, it’s Rocky Road and it’s really really tasty!!!
Last but not least if I could ask all our members to please be mindful of leaving there children unattended inside the facility as much as I would love to offer some type of a child care service we are simply just not set up for it at this time thank you all for your understanding in this matter.
Dean Mitchell Owner/CEO
Angela’s Corner 

Fallacies & Myths of Working out for Women

Women who lift weights get big, bulky muscles

Women do not have the levels of testosterone and human growth hormone required to increase lean muscle mass dramatically.  The majority of women will only have the capability to replace the muscle that they have lost naturally since they turned 20 years of age.  At most, an increase of a couple of kilograms of lean muscle mass, above and beyond what your genetics determine, may occur in a very small percent of LUCKY women.  Lucky, because more muscle means a faster metabolism, faster fat burning and a major slow down of the ageing process!

Did you know that the use of anabolic steroids will result in enhanced muscle growth because the missing testosterone is being injected?

Your beautiful, lean, hard muscles will turn to flabby fat if you stop lifting weights

Muscle cannot be turned into fat.  This is as impossible as turning metal into water or wood into plastic.  If you stop training you will naturally lose muscle size.  You could possibly put on fat because you are still eating the same amounts of food that you were eating while you were active and training.  Your metabolic rate will also decline because you are losing active muscle tissue.  All of this will decrease daily energy expenditure and promote fat gain.  So yes, if you stop training you could get fat but not because muscle turns to fat.You will get fat because you have lost muscle which causes fat gain – one cannot physiologically turn into the other!


 Specific exercises are great for toning muscles

Toning is a slang term that really means low levels of body fat, leaving the muscles under the skin more visible.  Obviously you need to lift weights so you have enough muscle to be visible.  However, there is no such thing as an “untoned” muscle.  Muscle is active tissue, it does not hang down, or hang off your bones and it cannot be ‘untoned’.  The “untoned” appearance comes from having too much subcutaneous fat over the muscle and not having enough muscle under the skin to give your body any form or shape.


Specific exercises are great for ‘spot reduction’ as they burn fat from specific areas

Spot reduction exercises promote working a particular body part or muscle to burn fat from the worked area.  Unfortunately, this theory goes against every scientific principle of exercise physiology.  We  cannot choose where we want to lose fat.  If you worked one leg and not the other with side leg raises, you wouldn’t get a fat leg and a thin leg!  When you move more, eat less and lift weights, fat will come off from all over your body.  Where from and how quickly is different for everyone dependent on your genetic make up and your general body shape.  If fat did come off in the areas that we worked or moved the most, we would not have fat on our faces – we move our facial muscles all the time! We also would not have fat on our bottoms, hips and legs, as we use all of these muscles for our daily, regular transportation – standing, walking, running, cycling, swimming and so on.  To use fat as a source of fuel, it can only be oxidized (burnt off) aerobically.  This simply means while you are alive, breathing, sleeping, moving or exercising your body uses fat as a fuel source to survive.  Move more, for longer and faster and you will burn fat, from all over your body faster.  Exercises that work one body part at a time, such as crunches and side leg raises, create a ‘burning’feeling or sensation in the muscle which people commonly misinterpret as exploding fat cells; this burning sensation is only a build-up of lactate – a substance produced by the body when you are working anaerobically, NOT aerobically! When you are using your anaerobic system to produce energy you will be using glycogen(carbohydrate) as the main source of energy.  This means you are NOT burning any significant amounts of fat. 


Lift weights at high repetitions and low weight for toning

As we now know, muscle tone comes from having adequate amounts of muscle that can be seen under low levels of body fat.  Maintaining muscle (women) or building muscle (men) can only happen if the muscle is placed under significant overload (low reps).  Overload can only come from a regular increase in the loads you are lifting.  As your body adapts (gets stronger) to lifting a certain weight, that weight will now be easy to lift and you will need to lift more weight to create an overload effect.  Doing the exercise more times (reps) will force your body to ‘endure’ more weight but there will no longer be an overload.  Put simply, get stronger, to maintain/build more muscle and to burn fat faster.  If you are not getting stronger, your body does not have to work harder.

You can eat and drink protein powders to build extra muscle

People spend thousands of dollars on protein shakes, powders and bars in the hope that the extra protein will add more muscle than they can build in the gym.  Sadly for the people who have spent the money, there is no published research to show that extra protein, beyond the body’s requirements of 1 to 2 grams of protein per kg of body-weight, will add extra muscle to the body.  Yes – protein is made of muscle but it is also 60-70% water.  Drinking all the water out of the local dam will not add any extra size either.  Any extra water, above what the body needs, is taken into the body and then passed out.  The same is true of protein.  The body uses stores and then oxidizes off any extra protein eaten beyond what is needed.  It is not converted then it is stored as fat and it is not stuffed into the muscle to make it bigger.

I hope this article of fallacies and myths was helpful.  There are so many out there these days that it’s hard to tell which ones are legit.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask us.  We are here for your health and well-being.  We enjoy what we do and want to educate everyone properly so these “fallacies and myths” are less prevalent.

Have a wonderful month and hope to see you around the studio!


Best of Luck in your Goal Making!

Angela Mitchell NSCA-CSCS, NASM, MMT

Master Trainer at Bodyfit

Northville, MI

*for consultation on achieving your physique please call the studio 248-305-8414, ask for Angela.

Member of the Month  
Kevin Vissotski
Kevin- before Bodyfit(top) After(bottom)

Prior to joining as a member of Bodyfit I was just like to normal person whom made New Years resolution after resolution to work out and eat healthy. Of course every year by Valentines Day I would stop working out and  fell back into eating fast food 3-5 times per week. All while still paying for gym memberships. Upon the removal of my appendix in March 2012 I realized that I really wasn’t bullet proof and that I truly need to change my diet, exercise and overall life routines. I knew I wanted something different than just going to the gym a couple times per week to do more people watching than actual exercises. At this point I was approximate 205lbs on a 5’9″ frame, tired, exhausted and tough to be around. I joined Bodyfit on May 4th, 2012 and looking back it was the best decision that I have made relative to my health and wellness. Over span of 8 months I have been able to reduce my weight from 205lbs and 18.5%  bodyfat to 191 lbs and 11.5% body fat. I have done this by staying diligent in my workouts of both TRX and believe it or not, fitbarre. Although fitbarre is a mix of Ballet, Pilates and yoga it really is a challenging workout and has had a significant impact on my overall flexibility and ability to avoid injury. Seeing change physically allows for a change mentally in how you look at your diet and how you look at yourself . It is so much easier for me to eat healthy while at the same time enjoy myself as this is what I truly want as a way of life moving forward….and yes, I do have my Friday night Pizza.

More important than the improvement to the statistics, I now feel so much more healthy and pleasant to be around. For that, I have Dean, Angela and the team at Bodyfit to thank for my life transformation.


Kevin Vissotski