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Important Dates to Remember in March.
March 14th- Natalie’s Wrap   Party 12:00noon
March 17th- St. Patty’s Day Protein & Greens Sampling
March 31st- Easter Sunday (No Classes)
Supplement of the Month


Ultimate Muscle Protein tastes great and mixes easily. It’s also highly versatile. Treat yourself by putting a scoop on your favorite cold or hot cereal, or simply mix it with milk or water. Your muscles will be rewarded with a protein-building stream of amino acids for hours afterwards.

What: Ultimate Muscle Protein is a convenient, easy to mix and great tasting blend of the highest quality proteins. It consists of 80% slow acting (micellar casein) and 20% fast acting proteins (whey isolate).


Who: UMP is your number one supplement choice if you want to build muscle and lose fat.


Why: Milk Protein Isolate, the main ingredient in UMP has been shown to be the best available protein for building muscle and while losing fat at the same time. UMP provides for a sustained release that feeds protein to your muscles for hours. It also contains added “critical cluster” aminos: glutamine, arginine, leucine, isoleucine and valine, the most important amino acids

for building muscle.


How: Ultimate Muscle Protein is perfect in place of a meal, between meals, and after training. UMP is ideal before bed, as it feeds your muscles a timed released supply of aminos, keeping you in a positive nitrogen balance while you sleep.


Our Price: $43.65 List Price: $48.50
Peanut Crunch Bars
Peanut Crunch Bars


1tbsp                Pure Honey

1tsp          Pure vanilla extract

1/2c      Low-fat cottage cheese

1/2tsp            Cinnamon

1/4c                     Water

1c     All Nautral PB (crunchy)

5scoops or (equal to 125g)

Vanilla UMP Protein poweder

1/2c             Oat Flour

1/4              Almonds (sliced)



Add the honey, vanilla, cottage cheese, cinnamon and water to a food processor or blender and puree until smooth.  Transfer to a mixing bowl along with the PB.  Stir to combine.  Add the protein powder and stir to combine (this may take a minute).  Add the oat flour and stir to combine again.  Using a baking pan (9x9in) for measurement, pull out a piece of plastic wrap about 2x’s the length of pan.  Cover the bakingpan with the wrap, allowing the extra plastic length to hang over the edge of the pan. Scoop the mixture above onto the plastic wrap inside the baking pan.  Next, lift the corners of the extra plastic wrap and fold over the top of the mixture. Spread out the mixture with a spatula, making sure it fills the pan and that there’s a layer of plastic wrap above and below the bars.  Next, uncover the top of the bars and press the sliced almonds into the top of the bars.  Chill in refrigerator for 2 hours.  For a large bar, cut into approx 4x4in pieces, and for a small serving cut 2×2″ bars.  Serves 4 large or 8 small.


Nutritional Information

(per serv)                    large   small

Calories                        747     373.5

Fat (g)                            44.1     22.1

  Saturated                      6.2       3.1

  Monounsat                 21.9     11.0

  Polyunsat                     12.0      6.0

     omega-3                         .1      0.0

     omega-6                     11.9     6.0

Carbohydrates               34.3 17.1

  fiber                                 9.4     4.7

  sugars                           11.6      5.8

Protein                            53.2    26.6

Variations & Options:

If you are lactose intolerant or wish to avoid dairy, replace the 1/2c cottage cheese with 1/2c plain, lactose-free yogurt.  Alternatively, you can replace with non-cow’s milk dairy.

You can make your own oat flour by adding rolled oats to a food processor and pulsing until a fine grainy flour is achieved.  If you like a smoother bar, choose smooth PB.  If you like a chunkier bar, choose chunky.  For some variety, replace the PB with almond butter.

(option:) Add some mini marshmallows and dark chocolate chips for a peanut smore bar.



Greetings!This month’s Member of the Month is Stephanie Fleisher!  Read about Stephanie and her journey with us thus far and how she has reached her goals and is setting new ones with us at Bodyfit. Also the Men’s Division has started are you signed up?  We have only a few spots left in the Silver division and an amazing new trainer to help us out with it and some of our TRX classes.  Look for Jordan Brooks around the studio he will be helping us behind the desk as well.

Lastly we also wanted to add a healthy recipe for the month as well.  And because it’s the month of LUCK we wanted to make it a healthy but sinful tasting recipe.  We hope you love it!

We want to thank you for reading the E-newsletter. At Bodyfit education and helpfulness are our core values. We consider our clients to be the best and smartest in the industry, and we sincerely hope that the info we provide feeds your mind, body, and passion.


In Health & Happiness,

Dean & Angela Mitchell

Dean’s Desk

Hello again everyone and thanks for taking a look at our third monthly news letter published.  We are very happy to announce that we received a lot of positive feed back from our February news letter so thanks again for checking it out!!  That being said I will get right into the most exciting part of my little section which is our “Member of the Month” and this particular member really does make both myself and Angela so proud to have her part of Bodyfit not only because of the hard work she puts in every week but because she has made such drastic changes in such a short time, she went from coming to Bodyfit on a Groupon deal just looking to get a good workout when she could fit it in to an official rock star completely transforming her life style and the results speak for themselves!!  Her name is Stephanie Fleischer and for those of you who don’t already know her make sure you check out her story in this edition of our Bodyfit Newsletter and as always feel free to ask any of our Bodyfit team about Stephanie’s journey and the steps she has taken to get to where she is at today!!
I am very happy to announce our all new Bodyfit Men’s Division is growing with some really impressive success stories that we will be featuring on the website that will include both testimonials as well as before and after pictures.  That being said we will be offering one FREE trail class for any of those men looking to try it out and see what the program is all about.  All you need to do to reserve that free visit is call Bodyfit (248) 305-8414 and let the desk know which day you would like to participate in.
As always be on the look out for our monthly specials on line as well as our Facebook page and inside Bodyfit, also be on the look out for our newest addition to the Bodyfit team Jordan Brooks.  If you haven’t already seen Jordan around the studio you will soon as he is going to being doing a ton around Bodyfit including teaching TRX as well as helping to run the new Men’s Division program. On a side note I would like to inform all of you on the class cancellation policy if we have to close due to weather and where to look for that information because we obviously dealt with this recently.  Our system is automated to send emails if classes are cancelled however we have noticed a lag time between when the email is sent and when you the member receive it.  That being said here are two rule of thumb policies to get the quickest answer to if we are closed or a class is cancelled.  The first being if Northville schools are closed we always cancel our morning classes and the second and most accurate way is to log into your Mindbody Account and just look at the class schedule, it will always reflect immediately in big red letters if class is cancelled.  I hope this helps all of you have a little more peace of mind on how to find out if we are closed or open.
Last but certainly not least both myself and Angela are extremely excited to welcome our fourth (and final :-)) child into the world this month!!  Xander Paul Mitchell is due on the 26th so I apologize if towards the end of the month some of you don’t see as much of me around Bodyfit but I promise it will be a very brief absence and I will be back and available for all of you before you know it!

Dean Mitchell Owner/CEO


~Angela’s Corner ~ 

Which Beverly Protein Powder should I use?

Q: I can’t decide whether to use Muscle Provider or Ultimate Muscle Protein. Which is best? 

A: You’re not alone. Muscle Provider (MP) and Ultimate Muscle Protein (UMP) have a good deal in common, so deciding which product to use can be challenging. Perhaps the easiest way is to ask yourself whether you’re going to use the product (a) to enhance the muscle-building effects of your workouts or (b) as a meal replacement?


To enhance the muscle-building effects of a workout, you should consume protein as soon as it’s over. The most abundant proteins in MP are whey protein isolates and hydrolysates, which absorb more quickly than other proteins. Thus, if you answered “a” above, then MP is your best choice.


At other times of day you may want to continue protecting your muscle mass by using UMP in between, or in place of, whole-food meals (i.e. “b”, above). UMP contains a higher proportion of casein than whey (80% casein, 20% whey), the former of which is absorbed more slowly yet keeps amino acid levels elevated for a longer period of time. This may help you minimize or prevent muscle breakdown (protein catabolism) in between meals and avoid hunger. UMP is especially convenient as a bedtime snack to fight catabolism overnight.


Of course, if you simply want to gain weight, then check out BI’s Mass Maker product.

Have a wonderful month and hope to see you around the studio!


Best of Luck in your Goal Making!

Angela Mitchell NSCA-CSCS, NASM, MMT

Master Trainer at Bodyfit

It Works Independent Distrubutor

Northville, MI

*for consultation on achieving your physique please call the studio 248-305-8414, ask for Angela.

Member of the Month 
stephanie fleisher
Stephanie Fleischer


Before I started attending BodyFit nothing had worked. I had a regular gym schedule, which consisted of running and weight lifting, three times a week. My diet had changed but in retrospect it wasn’t as drastic as it needed to be. I thought I was doing enough to see results, clearly I wasn’t, however I was still extremely frustrated. I started attending yoga, kickboxing and the gym. Still nothing and at this point I was even more frustrated. I had the drive to change and was willing to put in the work but I lacked the education and an exercise plan that worked for my body and what I was trying to achieve.

I started attending BodyFit when I bought a Groupon. My first class was TRX with Angela, after the class I so sore and completely hooked. I ended up doing Fitbarre as well. I fell in love with the workouts; the staff was very knowledgeable and pushed you to do better. My diet received a complete overhaul. No more chips, fast food, pop, frappuccinos or cookies. If I was going to put so much effort into shaping up it needed to be a complete lifestyle change. My diet now consists of whey protein for breakfast and after workouts, greens like spinach and lots of chicken breast and fish. I have a better workout schedule that I actually stick too, I have made the effort to educate myself in basic principles of health and exercise. Dean, Angela and the BodyFit staff have helped immensely with educating me as well.

I started noticing small things at first. My jeans weren’t as tight, shirts were fitting better and my arms were shrinking.  Sleeping through the night was no longer a challenge and waking up wasn’t nearly as difficult.  All around I just felt mental clarity. Since starting BodyFit I have dropped 4 sizes, from an 18 (almost 20) to a 12 and I’m almost in a 10, my goal is a 9. Thinking about it now, I am physically just about half the person I was when I started.  I no longer have extreme cravings for junk food, fast food, pop or sugar. Don’t get me wrong I still slip and eat a cookie but it isn’t half a box of cookies in one sitting, and it happens very infrequently not everyday like it used to. I really feel that anyone can loose weight it just takes total commitment.

I love attending BodyFit. They motivate you and they really have a vested interest in what you’re trying to accomplish. I feel very fortunate to have found this place and tell as many people as I can about BodyFit.


Stephanie Fleischer