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MAY /2013
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Important Dates to  Remember in May.
-New 4 week Impulse starts May 6th!  Sign up now!
-The addition of the 5:30am Tuesday/Thursday Barre classes with Bev
-Sunday morning TRX class with Jordan
-Impulse Coupon
What an amazing deal!
Supplement of the Month

 Made with natural ingredients

Not eating your fruits and vegetables like you should? Get what you are missing with Greens, a delicious orange-flavored, alkalizing drink powder with the nutritional value of 8+ servings of fruits and vegetables in each serving.

Greens blends 38 herbs and nutrient-rich “superfoods” to provide vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and enzymes in their naturally-occurring, bio-active, bio-available form.

  • Detoxifying, alkalizing drink powder
  • Promotes pH balance within the body
  • 38 herbs & nutrient-rich “superfoods”
  • Equivalent of 8+ servings of fruits and vegetables in each serving

Greens is a pleasant tasting, orange-flavored powder. Simply add to water or juice.


What are the benefits of taking the greens?


Greens contain an abundance of free radical fighting nutrients and helps your body restore to it’s natural PH.

Loyal Customer Price: $28.00
List Price: $ 40.00
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Pina Colada Smoothie

If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain… You’ll probably love this excellent smoothie.  Its island flavors will likely remind you of vacation time.  But be careful with this one, its so good you might be tempted to add a little rum.


1/2 cup        Pineapple

1                Banana

1/2 cup  Coconut Milk

2 scoops  Vanilla Whey

                Protein (50g)

1 cup  Chilled Green Tea

1 cup        Ice



Combine all ingredients in a blender.  Blend on high until mixture is a smooth consistency.  Serves 1 large or 2 small.


Nutritional Information 

(per serv)         large   small


Calories            640.0   320.0

Fat (g)                 27.6     13.8

  Saturated         21.1     10.6

  Monounsat        1.0        0.5

  Polyunsat          0.4        0.2

     omega-3         0.0       0.0

     omega-6         0.3       0.1

Carbohydrates   47.7     23.9

  fiber                    6.2      3.1

  sugars               21.6    10.8

Protein                50.2    25.1


Variations & Options:

make a mango, peach or strawberry colada by adding in 1/2c of any of these fruits and omitting the banana.  A tablespoon or two of grated coconut is a great addition to this smoothie as a garnish.


Greetings!This month’s Member of the Month is the beautiful Linda Barsamian!  Read about Linda and her journey with us thus far and how she has reached her goals and is setting new ones with us at Bodyfit.


We want to thank you for reading the E-newsletter. At Bodyfit education and helpfulness are our core values. We consider our clients to be the best and smartest in the industry, and we sincerely hope that the info we provide feeds your mind, body, and passion.


In Health & Happiness,

Dean & Angela Mitchell

Dean’s Desk 

Hello again everyone and as always thank you for checking out our Bodyfit news letter.  I have a lot of great info to announce this month starting with a reminder for all of you to keep a close eye on our class schedule both in the studio as well as on our website.  We are very happy to announce the addition of both TRX and Fitbarre classes to the schedule.  With the change in weather you may see a few classes drop off the schedule for the summer months but we are always looking to keep adding classes where ever they are needed.  I am also very excited to announce we are going to be carrying a larger selection of our Lulu Lemon Athletica clothing line including their men’s line which will be a new addition to Bodyfit!!  We hope to have the new products in Bodyfit by mid May so please keep us in mind for your future Lulu purchases.  Aside from that ladies please keep in mind our new Bodyfit Mens Division for your special someone, the current participants have seen dramatic results in a short time and incase you didn’t already hear it your man’s first visit is on us to try it out free!!  Thanks again everyone for continuing to allow Bodyfit to be a large part of your fitness programs I look forward to seeing all of you around the club.


Dean Mitchell Owner/CEO


~Angela’s Corner ~

 Is Your Furnace Broken??
We hate to tell you this, but there’s a good chance your furnace is broken. No, we’re not talking about the furnace in your basement, but your metabolic furnace. It’s not releasing heat and all your “fuel” is being stored as body fat.
Modern lifestyles, modern food choices, and old-school diets have caused your “furnace” to malfunction, but it can definitely be fixed. And we’re not talking a short-term fix, either. The repair we propose will keep your metabolic furnace generating heat for the rest of your life so you can have the body you were supposed to have before your furnace malfunctioned.
First we need to spend a little time talking about insulin!
In case you’re not familiar with it, insulin is a hormone that controls how our body handles carbohydrates, which are essentially sugars. Examples of carbohydrates are foods like bread or potatoes. Anyhow, insulin “disposes” of these carbohydrates by “feeding” them to your muscles or putting them in storage as body fat. Nice little system.Unfortunately, man has inadvertently thwarted the system. Back in the old days, the bread we ate was coarse. The crackers we ate were coarse. Very little was done to grain products before they reached your pantry. When you ate these coarse, relatively unprocessed products, they digested rather slowly, in turn causing a slow, gradual insulin release.

Enter modern times. Fast speed mills grind up flour so fine that some of it actually floats away in the air. The thousands of products (snack foods) made from these flours are practically atomized by your teeth. When they get to the stomach and digestive system, the body quickly absorbs them. This means the sugars get into the bloodstream very quickly, causing your body to release waves of insulin to dispose of the large influx of sugar.
These surges of insulin, repeated over and over again, lead to a condition called insulin resistance. The cells that normally respond to insulin get desensitized. The pancreas – which produces insulin – has to “shout” louder and louder for the cells that handle insulin to “hear.” The pancreas has to produce more and more insulin to metabolize all that rapidly assimilated carbohydrate. Furthermore, these large surges of insulin tend to overshoot the mark. In other words, more insulin is released than is needed. As such, it causes temporary low-blood sugar, which sends your brain a signal that it’s time to eat again.
If the body gets that signal enough times, hyperinsulinemia develops. In short, that means your body has higher-than-normal levels of insulin flowing through it. This condition is related to high cholesterol, fatigue, anxiety, heart disease, cirrhosis, kidney problems, depression, and immune suppression, along with increased body fat storage and reduced burning of body fat. In short, in addition to ruining your health, these repeated surges of insulin ruin your metabolism.Do you find yourself getting sleepy after a carbohydrate-based lunch or suffering a midafternoon crash? It’s quite likely that you suffer from a good degree of insulin resistance. Of course, an easier way to tell is by weighing yourself or looking at yourself in the mirror. Insulin resistant people usually carry too much fat.
Clearly, carbohydrate control is definitely in order, and that involves knowing which carbs to eat and at what times.  It’s tough but doable. Simply ditching refined carbohydrates (most often those that are found in processed foods and are packaged in boxes) and starches like white bread and pasta will almost always cause you to lose fat.

Eating fat makes you fat, right? The truth is, “healthy” fats like fish oil, olive oil, flax, and those found in avocadoes and nuts elevate your metabolism. That’s right, eating healthy fats in moderation can help you burn fat. They make you less insulin resistant, not to mention improving things like cardiovascular health, mental and physical performance, and even immunity.
 The Importance of Protein 
While I’ve stressed that it’s best to eat carbohydrates and carbohydrate meals in the first part of the day and eat healthy fats in the latter part of the day, I’d like you to eat protein with every meal. This is extremely important. (Examples of protein foods include all meats and fish, in addition to things like cottage cheese and milk.)
Just eating protein elevates your metabolism. Your body has to work harder to metabolize protein than it does metabolizing fat or carbohydrate. Additionally, eating protein preserves or even builds muscle and simply having more muscle burns calories!
And while the carbohydrates you ingest with your protein meal can raise insulin levels, it’s okay in this instance. Why? Because most of the time this elevated insulin will take protein’s constituents and literally drive them into muscle, and that’s okay because muscle helps dispose of blood sugar, even without help from insulin.
10 Basic Metabolism Repair Plans:
1.  Set a fitness/Nutrition goal for yourself… and WRITE IT DOWN and keep it in a place where you’ll be reminded of that goal.
2. Don’t let yourself get hungry.  Never go to long without food– not more then 3-4 hours.  Starvation is not the way to lose fat.  We have a term for dieters who practice complete food deprivation: fat people. Eating after too long a fast (even a fast of 5-6hrs) can cause a huge surge of insulin leading to fat storage instead of fat loss.
3. Try not to eat things that come out of a box, with the exception of certain quality foods (oatmeal, high-fiber cereals, etc)
4.  Combine the right foods.  Don’t eat protein only meals, or carb only meals.  Instead have a protein/carb meal or a protein/fat meal.
5. Instead of counting calories, practice portion control.
6.  Vegetables are “free”.  In other words, eat as many fibrous vegetables as you want with any meal.  Exclusions to this include starchy vegetables like potatoes, squashes, carrots, or corn.  As far as fruits are concerned, eat them only in the morning and combined with protein.  Try to avoid juices at any time of the day.
7. Eat “healthy” fats.  Examples include fats found in fish, avacados, and nuts along with specific oils like flaxseed oil and olive oil.  They’ll help you burn fat, allow your body to handle insulin much better, and help you in other ways.  Eat them only in the afternoon and only combined with proteins.
8.  Keep a food log or food diary.  It’s an excellent motivational tool.  It also helps keep you “honest” along with allowing you to track potential problems or mistakes.
9.  Stay active.  Vigorous activity stimulates the metabolism, but if you overdo it by taking aerobics classes or running several miles a week, you could actually hinder your results.  Why?  Because excess aerobic activity burns up muscle at the expense of fat.
10. Weight training is an excellent way to fix your metabolic furnace.  Muscle is metabolically active and burns calories even if you’re just sitting there.
Your Goals are your own.  It is your attitude, sacrifices, determination, motivation, and just plain old elbow grease that will make it all happen!”

Have a wonderful month and hope to see you around the studio!


Best of Luck in your Goal Making!

Angela Mitchell BS, NSCA-CSCS, NASM, MMT

Master Trainer at Bodyfit

It Works Independent Distrubutor

Northville, MI

*for consultation on achieving your physique please call the studio 248-305-8414, ask for Angela.

Member of the Month  
Linda Barsamian
I cannot remember a time when I was not interested in health and fitness. My history includes years of dance lessons, aerobic and strength classes, teaching high impact aerobics, various gyms and whatever was popular at the time. The high impact exercises and a predisposition for painful osteoarthritis along with chemotherapy drugs for breast cancer took devastating a toll on my joints. I have had a  total of 3 hip replacements and have arthritis throughout my body including a lot of shoulder pain.
So what!
In August of 2011 a Groupon popped up for Fitbarre classes in Northville. I spoke with Angela expressing my desire to participate along with my insecurity that I would not be able to actually do these classes. But jeeze, here was new type of exercise class that was a combination of every class I had ever taken and LOVED in the past. So what if you try and it does not work out? If you have any of those thoughts, know this is the best thing you can do for yourself.
That first class was a doosie having just recovered from the 3rd hip replacement and physical therapy but somehow I persevered. I was worried that I would be too old to fit in, too out of shape with zero core strength, too fat, too broken and on and on. I kept coming and coming and trying to do a little better each time. Every class challenging with a silent promise of better everything from incredible instructors that are amazing and who pour their heart and soul into every class.
Dean and Angela were both encouraging saying that results come to those who actually come to class. Bam. There’s a thought.  Now, coming to Bodyfit is part of my routine. Most weeks I come for 6 hours of barre class Monday through Saturday with TRX classes on Tuesday and Friday. It is a routine and it works. I have witnessed amazing transformations not only for myself but for numerous people around me in these classes.
Who would have thought that I could re-gain incredible strength with definition, loose 15 pounds, gain confidence, better balance and enjoyment of life?
Well, I did in my heart, but the people at Bodyfit made it a reality.
Linda Barsamian


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