TRX Class

TRX suspension training uses your own body weight to develop lean hard muscles, strength, balance and flexibility while boosting your metabolism and flattening your mid-section. This class is great for those new to TRX.

TRX Bootcamp

This class uses TRX Suspension along with other dynamic movements to burn a ton of calories while increasing lean hard muscles. Equipment includes dumbbells, Bosu balls and other training tools.

This class is designed for those who are comfortable with TRX and want a higher intensity workout.


THIS IS A REGULAR TRX CLASS WITH WEIGHTS AND CARDIO CIRCUIT TRAINING AND AN EXTRA 15 MINUTES ADDED!! A HIGHER INTENSITY WORKOUT FOR AMAZING CALORIE BURN!! Help burn the fat with the weights to help create that long lean muscle and better fitting clothes. If you are new to TRX we recommend the TRX class first!


This class is a circuit type training class using the TRX, you bodyweight and an array of strength equipment. From dumbbells to Kettleballs, ropes and medicine balls. No holds barre for this class. There is cardiovascular exercise in this class as well.


This TRX class will be bootcamp style, high intensity, heart pumping to wake the body up for an AMAZING day. This will be the best 55min workout you’ve ever had!!


TRX Force is a TRX class with muscle. Ladies don’t be afraid of the name! This class is going to tighten, tone and firm all those spots you don’t want to jiggle! This class is designed around full body strength only!! Working each muscle group with moderate weights to get that burn with less cardio because we all know lean muscle is what burns the calories. We dare you to take the challenge!!


1 Class     $25

5 Classes $ 100

10 Classes $175

Teens/Students  $15

NEW Ultimate Packages 

Includes FitBarre & TRX

 1 Month Unlimited                                     $185
 3 Month Unlimited        $160 (each month)
6 Months Unlimited       $135 (each month)
12 Month Unlimited      $100 (each month)