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December /2013
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-Bodyfit has adopted a family.  Please see Cindy’s scoop and signs in the studio for more details.  Let’s make this family’s Holidays one to remember!
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Products of the Month    
Holiday Packages
Here Comes the Skinny Clause

Don’t let your belly shake like a bowl full of jelly! Counter all of that holiday goodness with this tightening, toning, and fat-fighting gift set. Includes Ultimate Body Applicator™, Defining Gel, Advanced Formula Fat Fighter™, and Ultimate ThermoFit.™

  • Wrap your way into trim holiday form in as little as 45 minutes
  • Lessen the appearance of cellulite and improve skin texture
  • Fire up your metabolism with powerful hot peppers
  • Absorb less fat and carbs even after you’ve eaten them

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List Price: $270
Holly Jolly Detox Holiday

Feast without fear this holiday season as you tighten, tone, and firm your outside while keeping your body nourished, balanced, and cleansed on the inside.

Includes Ultimate Body Applicator™, Orange Greens™, Regular™, and It’s Vital™ Core Nutrition.

  • Alkalize, energize, and detoxify with 8+ servings of fruits and veggies
  • Get the core nutrients your body needs with sustained all-day nutrition
  • Keep the toxins flowing out with improved colon health
  • Wrap your way into trim holiday form in as little as 45 minutes
Loyal Customer Price: $99
List Price: $213
Mini Skinny Holiday Pack

Keep your “Skinny Minnie” form all season long with this powerful one-two punch against holiday weight gain.

 Includes Advanced Formula Fat Fighter™ and Ultimate ThermoFit.™

  • Cut those diet killing carb cravings
  • Stop counting calories and start burning them
  • Fight fat, stay fit, be festive

 Loyal Customer Price: $49

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Mini Detox Holiday Pack

It’s the Dynamic Duo to the rescue, giving you the nutrition and energy you need to survive a season of shopping, parties, and family togetherness-oh my!

Includes It’s Vital™ Core Nutrition and Orange Greens™.

  • Boost your immune system and improve pH balance
  • Keep focused and sharp with nutritious mind/body energy blend
  • Experience all day energy and nutrition for a jollier you

Loyal Customer Price: $49

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December’s RecipeNO-BAKE CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER PROTEIN BALLSMakes approximately 40-60 protein balls

Ingredients:2 cups natural peanut butter½ cup agave nectar2 ½ scoops Beverly UMP, vanilla flavorSea salt, to tasteWater, as needed.2 cups dark chocolate (sugar free, for very clean)1 tsp. vanilla extract 

  • 1. Mix peanut butter, agave nectar, protein powder, sea salt and water in a large bowl.
  • 2. Roll mixture into balls (approx.1 tablespoon per ball) and place in a dish, then refrigerate for 30-45 minutes.
  • 3. In a small pot, melt the chocolate over medium-low heat, stirring often, until smooth. Stir in 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract.
  • 4. Line a baking sheet with wax paper. Remove balls from refrigerator.
  • 5. Dip into melted chocolate and arrange on baking sheet.
  • 6. Let set for 30-45 minutes, and then place in the refrigerator for another 30-45 minutes before serving.

Happy Holidays!

This months member of the month is buff Jason Pewinski.  Read how Jason has gone from couch potato, back to being ripped and active and how he plans to continue his journey with Bodyfit.


We want to thank you for reading the E-newsletter. Our core values at Bodyfit are education and helpfulness. We consider our clients to be the best and smartest in the industry and sincerely hope that the information provided fuels your mind, body, and passion.


In Health & Happiness,


Dean & Angela Mitchell

Dean’s Desk 

Hi everyone,
As always thanks so much for taking the time to check out our December issue of Bodyfit’s newsletter.  Due to the busy holiday season we all have limited time. Therefore, I want to start off talking about accountability. Tis the season to really challenge yourself and be true to your personal fitness goals. More importantly, accountability means making sure you don’t sabotage all your countless hours, dollars and energy you have put into your success by adding unwanted pounds at home.  In my own home with my four children I talk a lot about accountability with relative ease. Yet I find it very easy as an adult to lack in my own accountability department!  When it comes to my fitness goals, regardless of what they are, if I don’t have a plan laid out covering all aspects of what I need to be doing I fail miserably.  This has proven time and time again to be the case with my clients as well which is why I go over their entire physical state monthly with both body composition testing as well as circumference measurements.  With these two measurements I can not only hold my client accountable but they can also hold me accountable. After all, they are not paying me to hang out with them for an hour. They are paying me for results! With the exception of a few, each and everyone of ushas a much higher chance of success if we have a clear and defined plan of how to get from where we are today to where we want to be tomorrow.  For this reason I choose to offer body consultations at Bodyfit free of charge unlike so many other fitness centers.  I often use money as an example with my clients because most people can relate to it.  When you want to retire with some money in the bank who do you go see?  A financial planner! The financial planner answers all your questions and gives you an exact road map of what to do and how to do it and they are not free. As a member of Bodyfit you all have access to sit down with myself, or other Bodyfit team members to get your “road map” free of charge through fitness consultation.    This holiday Bodyfit will be offering one of the biggest promotions to help you with accountability.  As most of you are already aware, I am a personal trainer at heart. Despite the fact that I enjoy all the hats I wear around Bodyfit.  The level of success I see with members who use personal trainers is unmatched to those who attempt the journey on their own.  I include myself and Angela exclusively when it comes to reaching our own goals.  Even though we are fully educated and know exactly what to do to get where we want to be, having the accountability of a personal trainer or coach by your side is a must.  Motivation can wane when we are not extremely motivated due to our four crazy kids who we love to death or if we are stuck in a rut. For this reason, starting on Monday December 9th we are going to offer 30% off all personal training packages purchased in the month of December!  Last, we are very excited to announce that Erica is now officially heading her own TRX classes. Be sure to take one of her classes in the future.  Remember she is also nationally certified and has already begun to take on new clients.
As always, I look forward to seeing you all healthy and happy around Bodyfit.
Dean Mitchell Owner/CEO
~Angela’s Corner ~ 

The Difference Between Group and Personal Training

My clients ask me these questions often: “Which one is better?” and “Which one is right for me?”. Both personal training and group fitness can be extremely beneficial to your fitness game. Everyone has different experiences, fitness levels, and goals.

Here’s the difference:

Get In Some Teamwork

Group fitness is a guided workout. Intensity varies depending on where you’re taking a class, what type of class, and who is teaching it. Find an instructor whose energy level and experience matches your goals.  This type of setting also provides camaraderie for those who have trouble getting motivated on their own. When everyone else is pushing hard, you will too. Likewise, if you have NO IDEA what to do in the gym then a group fitness session will provide the structure to make sure you work for that whole hour (or however long the class is) and really get your sweat on. A downside to group fitness can be lack of personal attention. As an instructor, I do my best to make sure each person is practicing correct form. However, class size and varying fitness levels determine how much personal attention is available.


Who Doesn’t Want That Personal Attention?

Personal Training is a one-on-one experience. It provides something NECESSARY for you to meet and exceed your goals- accountability. If you do not hold yourself accountable, you will not get where you are trying to go. A trainer will make sure you are working as hard as you should be. We help you set realistic goals and lay the path for your success. A personal training program is one-hundred percent customized for you with an all-encompassing goal for your body, and needs. Every workout is maximized to teach accurate form and how to properly engage muscles. Additionally, while many trainers are not nutritionists, some have experience with nutrition and can offer advice on what to eat to compliment all of that ridiculously hard work you’re putting in.

So What do I do Next?

If you have seen some results but seem stuck and haven’t quite met your goals, Bodyfit has Nationally Certified personal trainers that can help take your goals to the next level.  Maybe you feel as though you are pushing yourself in classes but wonder if your form is correct. You may think,” Are my muscles contracting properly for the maximum benefit?”  Are you eating “pretty much” healthy and not seeing results? Maybe your “pretty much” isn’t really as healthy as you think it is. The world has changed the way things are made, processed and grown.  The way you used to eat may not be conducive to how you can eat now. We can help you make small simple changes that can have a big impact.  If one-on-one training is your choice then make sure you do your homework. Your personal trainer should be Nationally Certified by a reputable certifying body. Anyone can take a test and say that they are a certified personal trainer so make sure they walk the walk and talk the talk.  They should also have references or past clients who would be willing to give you any insight to the trainer’s style and how they helped that person achieve their goals.  Trainers can range $50-$100 an hour depending on experience and tenure as well as availability of the trainer.


If one-on-one is not in your budget think of

dual training with a friend or buddy.  It’s good to have some competition beside you while you are achieving your goals.   Training with someone can reduce the fee by almost $10-$20 an hour.


Always remember that any exercise routine will take time.  The weight didn’t come on overnight so it’s not coming off overnight!  Be patient, although you may not see the results because you see yourself everyday others do!  As a trainer I usually like to make sure people don’t waste their money or time with training once or twice a month!  A good solid 3 month commitment in the beginning is they key to seeing any type of change in your body and to start making the change of eating habits and mental changes as well.  The New Year is coming ladies and gentlemen.  If you are unsure of what to get your significant other for the holidays why not give the gift of health!  When making a lifestyle change, Bodyfit is where you want to be to see the results you are committed to achieve whether it be one-on-one training, dual, small group or our classes.

Angela Mitchell NSCA-CSCS, NASM, MMT

It Works Independant Distributor

Member of the Month
 Jason Pewinski

My fitness journey began like most.  During and after college, I was very active.  I worked out several days a week and played basketball at least once a week.  As I got older, that activity began to decrease and my diet became worse.  Of course, that is a recipe for weight gain and muscle loss.  Six years ago, my oldest son was born and I instantly became a couch potato.  I spent what little energy I had on the new daily demands and when my son was in bed, I would hit the couch and relax.  As many of us know, when that routine takes root it is tough to break free.  This had gone on for several years and I certainly noticed the lack of energy, increased waist line and dissapearance of the muscle tone I once had.  It is clear to me now that my wife noticed as well.  One evening as I made my way from the couch to the fridge, she “mentioned” that some of her coworkers were participating in this workout class in downtown Northville and there was a spot available in the next session.  Amazingly, I took the bait and signed up to check this thing out.


That first class was the “kick in the butt” that I needed and Dean was happy to deliver it!  This was 40 weeks ago and I haven’t regretted it.  I have seen amazing results from the Men’s division on Monday and Wednesday nights.  Instead of spending that time on the couch, I have been able to trim my waistline, rebuild the muscle and increase my energy level.  Dean does a great job of creating a challenging workout every night and promoting friendly competition amongst the group.  This type of atmosphere is exactly what I needed for a long term fitness plan.  Recently, I’ve added a 3rd workout per week and am mentally ready to attack my diet.  I had made some minor adjustments over the past 40 weeks, but with Dean’s guidance, I know I will do better and see quicker results.

The great people and workouts are what keeps me coming back.  Dean and Angela are genuinely interested in my success and that is obvious from their actions.  I am happy to be a walking business card for them!  When people ask what I’ve been doing, I’m happy to tell them about BodyFit!


I can’t thank Dean and Angela enough for the continued challenge, encouragement and results!

 Jason Pewinski

Cindy’s Scoop

December already! I have to admit I put my tree up the first week of November but have not finished decorating it. I promise it is not procrastination! I plan to decorate our tree with “favorite things” this year; it’s taking a little time but it’s coming together nicely.


As I type this I am wondering what some of your “favorite things” are during this season? Bodyfit is certainly one to keep at the top of your list. Remember, the average person gains 8 lbs. around the holidays. That thought alone makes Bodyfit shoot up to the top of list. Let’s keep those 8 lbs. away and finish this year strong!


As a client at Bodyfit you top the list of our favorites. Have you checked out the Member of the Month wall? The stories we hear and transformations we see encourage and inspire us every day! You work so hard when you come in for that power hour workout. When you come in focused and ready it motivates those around you to work hard and push through the burn.


Below are a few tips and reminders that will help everyone in class have the maximum benefit to their dedicated hour:


1) Keep the chatting in class to a minimum.

With only an hour to exercise, every second counts. It’s been drawn to our attention that there has been some classes with a little extra chatting going on. This causes others in class, as well as instructors, to loose concentration. Please keep full conversations outside the classroom and give your attention to the exercises the instructor uniquely designed for your hour long workout.


2) Cell phones-

Others in class are concentrated on pushing through their workout and cell phones are distracting. If you must answer a text or phone call please step out of room. Please keep it on silent during your classes at Bodyfit. Additionally, there are lockers available to tuck away your phones. If you could store your phone in a locker during your workout, that would be ideal.


3) Reminder of late cancel- 

Please call if there is an emergency. Otherwise if you need to cancel a class you’ve signed up for, do so within 24 hours of that class in order to avoid a late cancel $20 fee.


These reminders and tips will help you maximize your workout hour!


We have a few announcements to bring to your attention this month:


*  The Bodyfit team is adopting a family for Christmas. We’ll be collecting donations over the next couple of weeks to bring a special Christmas to a family in need. If you would like to be a part of this please watch for information in the studio for donations. We are excited to bring a special blessing to a family this year!


* We wanted to take this time to highlight our Tuesday night instructor Katie Appleford. She will be leaving us after December and will be greatly missed! Stop into one of her classes this month and let her kick your butt a bit before she leaves! :)


 * We hope you enjoy some “favorite things” with friends and family this season. Be sure to keep Bodyfit at the top of that list. Bring in a family member or friend to give them a taste of a healthy lifestyle!  We have Gift Certificates available for purchases at the front desk.


Merry Christmas Everyone!


That’s the scoop,





“Be the change you wish to see in the world” ~ Ghandi