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October /2013
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Important News
-Wednesday’s 7:00am Barre with Bev is temporarily off the schedule.
-Please refrain from using your cell phones during class time.  If you need to make a call you may step out into the hallway as to not interrupt the flow of classes.  Thanks so much.
Reminder:  Please remember that we do have a cancellation policy!  Classes are starting to become busy so please cancel within plenty of time so there is no charge to your card!
Product of the Month    

Facial Applicators!!

The exclusive 45-minute Facial Applicator from It Works! uses a cream-infused cloth wrap to deliver intensive revitalizing benefits to the face that dramatically rejuvenate the skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just 45 minutes. Skin looks and feels softer, smoother, and revitalized with a healthy glow. The 45-minute Facial Applicator continuously hydrates skin for a fresher, more luminous skin and a younger-looking you.

*Deep hydration, botanically based mask

*Produces a lifting effect
*Firms and invigorates skin

*Softens fine lines & wrinkles

*Results in as little as 45 minutes


What can I expect to see with use of the Facial Applicator?The Facial Applicator tightens, tones and firms while giving the skin a lifting effect. Makes skin appear tighter and smoother for the appearance of a youthful chin contour. Skin looks and feels softer, smoother and revitalized. Continuously hydrates for fresher, more luminous skin.


How long should I leave the Facial Applicator on?45 minutes is all that is needed and you skin will look and feel softer and smoother.


Does it contain the same ingredients used in the Applicators?No, the Facial Applicator does not contain the same ingredients as the Ultimate Applicators.


Can it be used at the same time we use the Ultimate Applicators?Yes, since the formulas are different, you can use the Facial Applicator at the very same time you are using The Ultimate Body Applicator.


Will the Facial Applicator help Acne?It is not a product to treat acne.


Can you use it while pregnant or nursing?Yes, this is a product that can be safely used by pregnant or nursing moms. However, if you have a concern, please consult with your physician.


Made with natural ingredients

Loyal Customer Price: $49.00

List Price: $ 89.00
Ask Angela how to get loyal customer pricing!
November’s RecipePeanut Butter Pumpkin UMP Pudding

1/4 cup Pumpkin
1 scoop Vanilla UMP
1 packet of Stevia
1/4tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice
2 tbsp PB
Gradually add water while stirring to make pudding consistency you prefer.


This month we decided to be a little bit different!


Two of our AMAZING Members of the Month for November were already in good shape but were chosen because of their commitment toward continued knowledge of nutrition and its role in better health. Meet Gina and Kelly and read about their AMAZING journey and how they helped one another during that journey at Bodyfit. Read about their goal of achieving happiness in this months Member of the Month portion.


We want to thank you for reading the E-newsletter. Our core values at Bodyfit are education and helpfulness. We consider our clients to be the best and smartest in the industry and sincerely hope that the information provided fuels your mind, body, and passion.


In Health & Happiness,


Dean & Angela Mitchell

Dean’s Desk 

Hi everyone, 

Thanks for checking out this months newsletter. It’s exciting to see how more membership is venturing into the TRX side of Bodyfit. To ensure everyone is getting the fundamentals down we will host a TRX workshop on Saturday November 9. This workshop will cover the basics of how to operate the TRX and the specific exercises used in class. The details of this workshop including fee and time will be released in a separate email so be on the look out for that.

In the past we have offered education seminars to members and non-members alike. Surprisingly, the attendance has been low. Education plays an integral role for success in reaching your fitness results. For this reason I am not willing to throw in the towel and stop offering them. After getting feedback from a few members they expressed maybe the weekend is not the best time to offer them. Therefore, I will be coming up with a few weekday options that will hopefully be appealing to eliminate schedule conflicts.  The education seminar specific details will be available in the near future.
The holiday season is fast approaching. In the fitness industry we call it the “weight gain season” because our clients gain an average of 8 pounds. Bodyfit will offer specials on all the tools you will need to ensure the 8lbs. does not end up on you!! Be on the lookout for discounts on our nutrition programs as well as personal training packages just to name a few.



Dean Mitchell Owner/CEO
~Angela’s Corner ~ 

Avoid Weight Gain Over the Holidays!

Let’s face it ladies and gentlemen it is difficult to maintain your “diet” and healthy lifestyle over the holidays.

The loaded buffet tables at dinners, parties, and get-togethers provide too many temptations.

One bite leads to another and before you know it, you’ve gained weight.

Some holiday meals add up to 2,000 calories or more, therefore you could actually put on a pound a day without realizing it.  Here are some ideas and tips to help you get through the holidays.



I recommend that you keep track of what you eat; it is especially important at this time of year when people may be surrounded by temptations. A bite here and a taste there will add up, so document everything — even if it’s a spoonful of pudding or a single chocolate chip. This will help you think about what you’re eating. Although Dean and I are not proponents of weighing yourself it does help to watch your weight and take note of it during this harder time of year.  If you see it creeping up you have a chance to throw in an extra TRX bootcamp workout or barre class!

Watch your Alcohol Intake

Fancy cocktails of any kind tend to be bad for your health, and holiday drinks are the worst of them all. Eggnog, the most popular, has a whopping 450 calories per glass. That’s the equivalent of nearly one full meal.

You can certainly indulge in one or two drinks but make sure they are healthy options.  I recommend that you stick to 100-calorie drinks. Any hard alcohol on the rocks or mixed with club soda will likely come in at under 100 calories, as will most light beers or a glass of wine.

Even better, make a wine spritzer using half wine and half soda. That way, your 100 calories will last through two drinks.

Bear in mind that alcohol itself not only adds calories, but it lowers your inhibitions, making it more likely that you will reach for those diet-destroying buffet treats as the night goes on.

Alternate alcoholic beverages with a glass of water in order to remain hydrated, stave off hangovers and keep calories in check.

Be in charge of your party choices:

Those buffets and appetizer trays offer a tempting trap.  I recommend that you eat before you go to the party.  Have a healthy snack or a delicious PB Pumpkin UMP pudding or shake!  This way you will be less likely to overindulge on those tempting snacks.  Even if you must bring a snack or appetizer make something that’s a little more health conscious but that also tastes good.  Pinterest offers healthy recipes favorable for this season.

Small plate, please

Be wise when choosing appetizers – a small portion of some appetizers may help you from overeating at dinner.

Pick up a small plate, and stick with vegetables, but limit or avoid the creamy dips. Restrict your intake of butter crackers, chips, cheese and meats. If you must have a deep-fried appetizer, eat only one small serving. Never go back for seconds. For dinner, fill half of your plate with salad and vegetables, one quarter with meat, and the final quarter with starch.

Avoid the sauce

Avoid sauces made from cream, half-and-half or meat drippings. For salads, use oil and vinegar, vinaigrette or low-fat dressings. Broth-based or vegetable sauces are fine.

What about desserts?

The best low-calorie choices are fruit, Jell-O, pudding, an unfrosted mini muffin, shortbread cookies, ginger snaps or angel food cake. If you must have a dessert with frosting, butter cream, cream cheese, or chocolate chips, limit yourself to one small cookie or one thin slice of cake.

I Broke All the Rules. Now What?

OK, so you overate. All is not lost. If you’ve had too much dinner, or polished off a plate of cookies, your diet isn’t automatically ruined.

What you should do is get back on the right track the very next day, and I will give you a simple rule:

If you eat more, exercise more in order to compensate.

It’s a surefire way to protect oneself from the dreaded holiday weight gain. If you eat more, you must exercise more. Try to get an extra 20 minutes of exercise every day. The more you move, the more you’ll lose.

 Focus on socializing

Don’t stand around the food table when you are at a party. Rather, focus your energies on making conversation with others instead of focusing on foods. Conversation is calorie-free.

Remember, the holidays are meant to celebrate good times with family and friends. Enjoy the holidays and plan effective strategies to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Achieving what you sought out for will give you one more good reason for holiday cheer! Happy Holidays!

Angela Mitchell NSCA-CSCS, NASM, MMT

It Works Independant Distributor

Members of the Month
 Gina Stevens & Kelly Abraham

Gina Stevens

Working out and eating healthy have always been a big part of my life.  I have been working out at Bodyfit since the fall of 2011.  I started doing the barre classes. The instructors are always so encouraging and I loved how I felt after each class.  After 6 months of going to barre classes I thought I would give the TRX class a try.  I remember thinking how difficult the class looked and hoped I would make it through the entire class.  I made it through the class and was instantly hooked.  I couldn’t believe how great I felt after each TRX class.  Today, I like to do as many TRX and barre classes as I can fit into my fitness schedule.


This fall my friend and workout partner Kelly Abraham asked me if I would be interested in sitting down with Angela for a nutrition assessment. It wasn’t until then that I realized how unhealthy I have been eating. Angela provided us with a 12-week diet program to finally get the results we were looking for. After 4 ½ weeks of following the program

we met with Angela to see how our progress was going.  I had lost 8 pounds, 5% body fat and 6 inches total.  WOW, something I was never able to do on my own.  The nutrition plan has definitely changed my eating habits forever and made me realize what an important part of the equation nutrition is.  Thank you Angela and Kelly for asking me to join you in this fitness/nutrition journey. I could not have done it without the two of you.




Kelly Abraham


Fitness and health have always been important to me. I’ve been a member at many gyms and even have a home gym. After I had my second child a little later in life, it was a little harder to bounce back. I continued to workout at home, but wasn’t seeing the results I had hoped. I just wasn’t pushing myself as hard as I should. At that time, I purchased a Groupon at Bodyfit and was hooked. For me, it was a great get away to workout without any interruptions. I enjoyed the trainers correcting my form during barre class and meeting new people. I was always a fan of barre class, but decided to give TRX a try. I remember thinking… I hope I can do this! I loved it and have been hooked ever since. This past summer after talking with my friend and workout partner, Gina Stevens, we both wanted to see a bigger change so we decided to do the free consultation with Angela. She provided us with diets to help achieve our goals. The results were amazing and I couldn’t be happier. I thought I was always a pretty healthy eater, but after sticking to the diet I finally saw great results. I lost 7 pounds, 4 percent body fat, and 5.5 inches! Thanks Angela! Following Angela’s advice changed my eating habits and has provided me with the necessary elements needed for my change of lifestyle. It was great to do it with a friend. We provided one another with lots of encouragement and support. I look forward to continuing my fitness journey at Bodyfit!


Cindy’s Scoop


“When small and simple steps come together, great big things can happen.”


I was reminded of that saying today as I walked into Bodyfit. I heard the chatter of clients as they prepared for their fitness class. I saw the Lululemon clothing racks with new colors and styles and I watched the instructors prepare to deliver a workout that challenges and encourages! These are just a few of the small and simple steps that come together in the daily happenings here at Bodyfit.

All of which have one goal in mind…a healthier you!



Here are a few more small and simple steps we wanted to make sure you are aware of:

1) Late attendance policy:

Each minute of a class has a specific purpose to aid in your workout. Our instructors put everything they’ve got into making the most of each minute for you. Focus is an important factor to your workouts. When you enter late to a class it not only affects your maximum benefit, it also affects the focus of the instructors and clients in class. The late attendance policy is in place to make the small and simple things come together for maximum benefit for everyone.

It is as follows:

* 5 mins late- subject to losing your spot to another client who arrived on-time

* 8 mins late-  not allowed in class at that time

Please be aware of class start times on-line or pick up a schedule in the studio.

2) Reminder of Late Cancel charge: 


Our system is set up to automatically charge a $20 late fee to clients that have not given 24 hrs. notice. Please make sure to cancel ahead of time if you are not able to make a class. We all have busy schedules and Bodyfit understands the need to cancel, however we cannot let a cancellation slide at the last minute. There is a wait list of clients wanting to get into a class and they need enough notice to arrange their time. A no show or a cancellation fee will be charged after 24 hours.


3) TRX Circuit: Time Change-  We’ve moved the time to 10:30.

Did you know that the holiday season can bring on an average of 8 lbs weight gain?! That is one step we don’t want you to take!! All of our classes are designed to get you fit and keep you that way, TRX Circuit is no exception! This class is a circuit training class using the TRX, your body weight and an array of strength equipment such as dumbbells, kettle balls, ropes and medicine balls. No holds barred! Cardiovascular exercise is weaved throughout the class as well.

This class will give you great results and compliments well to our fitbarre and other TRX offerings .

Sign up soon, it will wait list quickly!

Looking forward to seeing all the simple things come together in your healthy endeavors this season!


That’s the scoop,





“Be the change you wish to see in the world” ~ Ghandi