February 2014

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Product of theMonth    
Greens- Chews

Snack your way to better health with a deliciously sweet blend of fruits and veggies in a super soft chew.  With a nutritional boost of prebiotic fiber, support for healthy blood pressure levels, and the antioxidant strength of 20 cartons of blueberries in every serving, Greens Chew packs a powerful punch to support your overall health and wellbeing.


  • Boosts your  body’s natural defenses against free radical damage
  • Supports healthy nutrition and digestion with prebiotic dietary fiber
  • Contains the antioxidant strength of 20 cartons of blueberries
  • Fueled by pTeroPure® to help maintain healthy blood pressure levels and promote heart health
  • Delicious blueberry-filled flavor

1 carton of strawberries
1.5 scoops of UMP
1.5 T Truvia
¼ cup water
¼ cup almond meal


  • 1) Mix UMP, Truvia and water in a small bowl. Let it set while you prep your strawberries.
  • 2) Wash your berries. Cut off the stem and snip the bottom so they will stand up.
  • 3) Core the center to make room for the goodness.
  • 4) Stuff each berry with the UMP mixture. I just used a spoon.
  • 5) Place almond meal in shallow dish and dip the stuffed berry in it.
  • 6) Serve immediately if possible. Berries tend to get a little sweaty after they have been handled.


Dear Dean,


Happy New Year- Belated!

This months member of the month is the gorgeous Sydney Lipsey!  Read about Sydney and how Bodyfit has helped her in her endeavors.


We want to thank you for reading the E-newsletter. Our core values at Bodyfit are education and helpfulness. We consider our clients to be the best and smartest in the industry and sincerely hope that the information provided fuels your mind, body, and passion.


In Health & Happiness,


Dean & Angela Mitchell

Dean’s Desk 

Hi Everyone,


Thank you for checking out the latest issue of the Bodyfit newsletter. I hope the New Year finds you happier and healthier than the last.  Did you make any fitness-related resolutions last month? If so, how are they going? Are you on track to reach your new goals?  More importantly, do you know how to track your progress aside from the dreaded and, in my opinion, useless scale?! I ask a lot of you regulars these questions frequently so therefore I know the answers. Admittedly, those questions are all slightly loaded, which is why I chose the topic of effectively tracking progress for this section of the newsletter.


Unless you’re a high school wrestler trying to make weight you have no business on a scale or really even owning a scale for that matter!  You may try to use the scale to measure your progress toward your fitness goals. However, if you fit this description and you own a scale I want you to go home tonight, grab your pretty little scale, find the highest window in your house and THROW IT OUT! Body weight is the last thing (with exception to some of our male clients) that should be measured.


I can say with certainty that none of you wake up wishing you weighed a specific weight. In fact, the only interest you have in body weight is that it correlates to some physical look you want to achieve.  Imagine you came to me for training and said, “I want to look like this, and wear this dress, and fit into these jeans, and weigh this number.” If I told you I can do all of that but you might weigh five to ten pounds more -would you care? No, I didn’t think so!  This brings me to two very simple but crucial facts.  The first is that lean hard muscle drives your metabolism or in other words the ability for you to have your favorite foods and still look great in the mirror without your clothes!   The second is that that same lean hard muscle mass that allows you to eat what you want when you want and continue to drop dress sizes weighs three times as much as fat.


To ensure you’re still with me I will paint you a quick picture.  If you were a client of mine training under my supervision and your goals were to get rid of the jiggle while shaping up and dropping a size or two, my number one goal would be to put as much lean hard muscle mass on your body as possible.  Now don’t think of those big bulky muscles you see on male, or in some cases, female body builders.  What I am saying is taking those size 4 or 6 yoga pants you’re dying to wear and filling them with lean hard muscle that doesn’t jiggle!  You end up the same size in circumference but what you’re made of is where things are drastically different.


Now that we know the facts let’s apply them to the evil scale.  Maybe you’re sticking with your New Year’s resolution. You’re working your tail off, eating all the right things, not missing a workout no matter what, looking and feeling great. When you step on the scale after 30 days and OMG the scale hasn’t moved or it’s gone up and you didn’t get the February issue of our news letter it would be a safe assumption your not only going to be devastated but your going to feel down, depressed and hopeless.  But since you did get this issue you are now able to recognize that if through your 30 days of hard work you actually had some great initial results and put on some lean hard muscle. You’ve also spiked your metabolism and all the scale is doing is confirming the fact that muscle weighs more than fat. Since you now have more muscle on your body it’s making you heavier on the scale. In my book that’s a great day!


Hopefully now you are all scratching your head saying OK now I understand why the scale doesn’t really help to show me progress, but if I can’t use the scale then what else is there?  Great question!  The number one way to track your true progress is through getting your body composition tested.  This is such a great way to track progress not only because of how accurate it can be but also because this number will never lie.  The only down-side is this test cannot be self administered. Well, I take that back. It can be done through a hand held machine but that method is so easily swayed and inaccurate that it’s a waste of time.


At Bodyfit we offer body composition testing here for a very small fee. If you’re already working with one of our personal trainers then it’s already included in your program for free. However, if you’re not interested in getting it done at Bodyfit please just get it done somewhere because it really is a great tool to monitor progress and ensure your results. Since we have a vested interest in our clients we encourage and support all your efforts at home and with your diet.  As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions after reading of this.


Dean Mitchell Owner/CEO
 ~Angela’s Corner~


This month I wanted to introduce our AMAZING new trainer.

Members, Meet Erica!

Erica’s love of fitness came from her experience coaching Plymouth High School’s pom team for five years. It became her ultimate passion to show the girls much they could achieve with hard work and pushing themselves to the limit.  Her coaching mantra became “Motivation, Dedication, Success, its more than wanting it, its working to get it.”  Today she still lives by that motto whether trying to motivate a client or pushing herself in her own workouts.  She loves to train hard and have fun while doing it.  Her upbeat and cheerful demeanor with her clients fosters the needed trust to help them feel confident working hard!  She loves training, coaching, and motivating all ages, but especially young athletes because it is so rewarding and amazing to see them accomplish new goals and overcome obstacles.


While training she likes to use different types of equipment, training styles, and movements.  She loves to train lower body, and has been known to create pretty killer workouts by adding plyometrics and functional training.


Erica received an Associate in Science fromSchoolcraft College. Upon completion she started a Bachelors of Science in Nutrition atEastern Michigan University.  While her studies as a Dietitian offered much needed insight toward total body health she just didn’t get an excited feeling about her chosen career path. Since she had been coaching for four years and loving every minute of it, it occurred to her that maybe that type of personal interaction was what was lacking from her studies at Eastern.  It was then that Erica decided that personal training was the career for her that could best utilize her knowledge in nutrition but also give her the type of interpersonal relation she desired.  She attended a Personal Training Program at Stautzenberger Institute where she studied Anatomy, Nutrition, Program Design, and Business; all in preparation for the National Strength and Conditioning Association exam.  While at Stautzenberger, she had applicable client training, taught a Hip Hop fitness class, and even attended a week long bootcamp in Las Vegas for the Professional Fitness Institute. Upon completion she received the honor of becoming a Certified NSCA Personal Trainer.


Erica would like to help anyone who has a weight loss goal weather its 10 pounds or 100 pounds. She would love to help people see that it is possible to transform their body no matter what age, size, or fitness level they are, all it takes is hard work! Additionally, Erica is available to help student athletes looking to improve their athletic performance, or those simply wanting to improve athletic skill and become better, faster, and stronger!

Member of the Month
 Sydney Lipsey


For the past six years I have been trying anything and everything to get myself in shape for an upcoming pageant.  I had tried trainers lifting, running, and boxing until I had to have knee surgery.  Then I tried a workout that was designed to prepare girls for the Miss USA pageant along with Pilates due to my knee injury.  None of these made me feel like I was ready for the swimsuit competition.  I became a member of Bodyfit in September 2012 after a minor sinus surgery that set me back by months.

I immediately fell in love with fitbarre and could tell that this workout was different than anything I had ever done.  I was sore after every class – that had never happened.  Within a couple of months I was noticing that my clothes were starting to fit better and that my jeans were not as tight and I felt better.  I plateaued in my training around the holidays, and then won the title of Miss Michigan Galaxy in February 2013 and had to start preparing for an international pageant.  My director noticed a huge difference between February and April where I stepped up my training and lost over 7 inches!  I had also started working with Dean to develop a nutrition plan to get me ready for the swimsuit phase of competition.  I had never felt so healthy and strong during a competition.  I placed 2ndRunner up to Miss Galaxy International, won best interview!  For the first time I didn’t feel self conscious when I arrived at the pageant and I can’t thank Dean, Angela, and the Staff at Bodyfit enough for that!

Sydney Lipsey

Cindy’s Scoop



A theme has come up in my home this time of year and I wonder if you can relate– “Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today”.
We start off with big goals and “resolutions” but often times those dwindle as the year becomes not-so “New” anymore. Life sets in. I’ve found over the years that resolutions aren’t truly resolved. They start strong and end weak. As my kids have grown older we’ve resolved some things in our home that have stuck..one being homework! Projects being “put off to tomorrow” don’t fly in my home. We at least try to conquer bits of it every day until it’s complete. I’ve noticed lately that I am like that outside of my home as well. If it is on my to do list it drives me nuts to not complete it. Can you relate?
New Years resolutions need not be so big and lofty that you can’t look back and see the progress. I want to encourage you to make a list of ‘to do’s and want to’s’. Put the heading “Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today” at the top. Work your way down that list making sure to do what you can TODAY!
Here are a few housekeeping things as a Bodyfit Client to resolve today as well:
1) Emails, reminders and more–
If you aren’t receiving emails or class notifications be sure to check your spam folder! When an email goes out from our MindBody server and it gets blocked, it automatically goes on the bounce back list at MindBody and you will not receive emails. Be sure to let us know if this happens. Check your spam folder and make sure Bodyfit emails aren’t going to spam.
2) Sign in when you get to class!
We do our best to see everyone coming in the door for class but we can’t catch everyone and don’t know everyones name. Please make sure you come to the front desk and sign in, even if you’re a regular coming for years, our front desk staff still may not know who you are. Signing in will keep you from being marked absent and charged a late cancel fee.
3) Put your credit card on file–
We ask that everyone has a credit card on file, even if you aren’t committing to a package of any sort. The reason for this is so that if you want to add classes, we can take care of the payment quickly, if you miss a class and gain a late cancel fee, we can get your account balance taken care of quickly, or maybe you are grabbing waters or purchasing UMP products, etc…saving you from having to encrue a larger balance later, we ask that you keep a cc on file.
4) Lost and Found–
We have a collection of water bottles on the shelf outside the Fitbarre studio. They are a pretty great collection, however, they’ve been there for a while. Be sure to stop by the shelf and see if one is yours. We gather from all over Bodyfit including the TRX studio, so we ask everyone check the shelf not just Fitbarre clients. We’ll soon be cleaning off the shelf and throwing out the bottles that have been there for a while to make room for newer lost items. (out with the old, in with the new!)
5) Signing up for classes on-line-
If you are trying to sign up for a class and receive a message stopping you from signing up, call Bodyfit (it’s a good idea to put our number in your phone 248.305.8414) . Sometimes it is an error on our end that we can quickly correct and allow you to sign up, sometimes it’s something you need to resolve. Either way, please call us if you are having trouble signing up for classes so we can help.
*One message you might see is information based. You may be asked for your birthdate, mobile number, address. If you click ignore..it will keep asking you and us everytime you go back on until you RESOLVE it. Get that checked off your list quickly by inputting the information it is asking you and click resolve so you don’t get the message anymore.
Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you begin AND end 2014 strong and have lots of accomplished tasks to look back on!


That’s the scoop,





“Be the change you wish to see in the world” ~ Ghandi



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