Erica Caudillo

Erica’s love of fitness came from her experience coaching Plymouth High School’s pom team for five years. It became her ultimate passion to show the girls much they could achieve with hard work and pushing themselves to the limit.  Her coaching mantra became “Motivation, Dedication, Success, its more than wanting it, its working to get it.”  Today she still lives by that motto whether trying to motivate a client or pushing herself in her own workouts.  She loves to train hard and have fun while doing it.  Her upbeat and cheerful demeanor with her clients fosters the needed trust to help them feel confident working hard!  She loves training, coaching, and motivating all ages, but especially young athletes because it is so rewarding and amazing to see them accomplish new goals and overcome obstacles.

While training she likes to use different types of equipment, training styles, and movements.  She loves to train lower body, and has been known to create pretty killer workouts by adding plyometrics and functional training.

Erica received an Associate in Science from Schoolcraft College. Upon completion she started a Bachelors of Science in Nutrition at Eastern Michigan University.  While her studies as a Dietitian offered much needed insight toward total body health she just didn’t get an excited feeling about her chosen career path. Since she had been coaching for four years and loving every minute of it, it occurred to her that maybe that type of personal interaction was what was lacking from her studies at Eastern.  It was then that Erica decided that personal training was the career for her that could best utilize her knowledge in nutrition but also give her the type of interpersonal relation she desired.  She attended a Personal Training Program at Stautzenberger Institute where she studied Anatomy, Nutrition, Program Design, and Business; all in preparation for the National Strength and Conditioning Association exam.  While at Stautzenberger, she had applicable client training, taught a Hip Hop fitness class, and even attended a week long bootcamp in Las Vegas for the Professional Fitness Institute. Upon completion she received the honor of becoming a Certified NSCA Personal Trainer.

Erica would like to help anyone who has a weight loss goal weather its 10 pounds or 100 pounds. She would love to help people see that it is possible to transform their body no matter what age, size, or fitness level they are, all it takes is hard work! Additionally, Erica is available to help student athletes looking to improve their athletic performance, or those simply wanting to improve athletic skill and become better, faster, and stronger!